I Don’t Know What You Want Me to Say

To keep her identity a secret, let’s call her a coworker. A ‘coworker’ comes to me after work and wants to rant and rave about her daughter’s father; baby daddy drama if you will. Keep in mind that I’ve just gotten off of work and I just want to relax and unwind.

He disrespects her she complains, he doesn’t do this and he doesn’t do that. When she calls to check on their daughter when she visits, he hangs up in her face. On and on she goes and I listen, though the facial expression she’s giving me says that she’s expecting me to be as outraged as she.

As she’s spilling her tale of woe, I can’t help but think that she carries a big bag of drama herself. Her temper and her mouth can be volatile.

At one time she and this guy stopped arguing long enough to procreate, so he can’t be all bad like she’s saying. I also know the disrespect didn’t just start when they broke up. If he were mistreating her, it started during the course of their relationship and she allowed it. It’s not okay now because they’re not together anymore.

The guy is also seeing another woman, which isn’t cool with my coworker either. She doesn’t want her daughter anywhere around this woman or her children. I’m not sure if she knows or not, but life goes on.

She knew who he was when she had a child with him what kind of person he was. She knew when she accepted his child support payments that he would want to see his daughter in return.

My coworker wants me to pick up my pitchfork and torch and join her on her baby daddy tirade. But I don’t. She’s responsible for this mess as much as he is.

I really don’t know what she expects me to say. It’s not my mess and I have absolutely no opinion. They’re two grown adults. They got themselves into this mess and they have to figure out how to get along. Hopefully they learn for the sake of their daughter.


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