Bullying Isn’t Just For Kids

Ok, we have a few more details to share. Bob’s birthday celebration will be Friday, June 6th.  Therefore we are asking everyone donate $10 towards Bob’s gifts [EVEN IF YOU DON’T PLAN TO EAT]. We have the best boss in the center and what great way to show him.
We need everyone’s $10 no later than Monday, June 2nd.  Again if you need to make installments, that’s okay too!

Just a friendly reminder y’all since it’s payday that Karen and I am still collecting your $12 donations. If you need to make payment installments…let me know, that can be arranged as well.  We’re hoping for 100% participation since there is not one person on both teams that Bob has not done something above and beyond for.



What you see above are two snippets taken from work emails. One of our supervisors is having a birthday so they’re running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to collect money for it. I don’t have a problem with Bob. He’s actually a nice guy and honestly, if he knew they were going through all this for his birthday, he probably would tell them it wasn’t necessary.

In our group there are thirty people, which would be about $300 total. Spending that kind of money on a coworker, boss or not is insane and stupid. I’m not trying to bribe my boss to do his job, so I’m not participating. I don’t believe in buying people. I think a card and some balloons will suffice.

I have a problem with is my coworkers. Every other week there’s some event where they want us to spend money. Be it a raffle, a potluck, a birthday, or a gift giving celebration, they’ve always got their hands out begging. I’m tired of spending money at work for stupid events. There’s no transparency with where it goes and I’m not trying to pad someone’s pockets. It’s kind of funny how the same person always volunteers to be over events where money is needed.

If you drink they kool-aid, you’re fine, just a few dollars show. Pity be on the soul who refuses to give. You’re stared at and ostracized like you’re an antisocial troublemaker. You may even warrant a visit from the head cheerleader  who personally comes to your workstation to demand answers as to why you’re not going to give her your money. They even have a donation layaway plan where you can pay in installments. This is the sort of intimidation you expect in high school, not at the workplace with so called professional adults.

Over the two years I’ve worked on this team, I’ve learned how they operate. They bully you until you give them what they want. Thankfully I have no problem saying no.

In the next few days, I expect the head cheerleader to pay me a visit. She’ll remind me of the things that Bob has done for us, which in all actuality is his job. She’ll try to shame me into giving to the cause, but my answer will still be the same.

In the meantime, I’m pondering if I should ‘accidentally’ forward these emails to HR. It’ll be nice to bust up this little racket.


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