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Oh, what a difference seven years make.

In honor of True Blood‘s series finale — now less than 80 hours away — TVLine is going back (way back!) to the magical night when it all began.

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True Blood Finale Poll: Once and for All, Does Sookie Belong With Bill or Eric?

I would have thought Sookie belonged with Alcide but we know how that turned out. Sorry, still holding a grudge.


Life is full of difficult choices: Soup or salad? Paper or plastic? Ice water or donation? But with only four days until True Blood‘s series finale, TVLine is asking you to make the hardest choice of all: Bill Compton or Eric Northman?

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Though Sunday’s finale appears to be all about Bill, it’s entirely possible Sookie could end up with Eric — or no one at all — by the end of the hour. (Before you disagree, just remember: She suddenly got back together with Alcide at the end of the Season 6 finale. Alcide!)

True Blood Series FinaleTHE CASE FOR BILL | Sookie and Bill have faced their fair share of ups and downs — I’d qualify him turning into a bloody, naked vampire god and trying to kill her as a “down” moment — but he…

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